This is the most common question that we hear our customers and people walking around the Mall of America ask every single day.  There are TONS of options in the mall so we are going to give you our top picks. Of course, we want you to come in to see us here at Margaritaville (3rd Floor, Space E344) but if you're not in the mood to have amazing food, drinks and listen to laid back beach music, keep reading. 

#1: Tucci Benucch: You don't have to worry about saying their name right. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the amazing food and service. If you read the online reviews, you will hear people raving about their chopped chicken salad and salty focaccia. They also have a nice wine section if you're needing to take a relaxing break from shopping. They're located at 114 West Market inside the MOA. Their number is 952-853-0200

#2: Twin City Grill: If you have some time to kill or if you're wanting to take an hour or so away from spending your kids' college fund, stop by this gem. They have a comfortable setting which rich woods and nice lighting. We recommend trying their meatloaf. If you're trying on clothes meatloaf may not be the best option so alternatively their wedge salads are actually pretty darn tasty. They're located at 130 North Garden (1st Floor) and their number is 952-854-0200

#3: Dick's Last Resort: We don't recommend the place primarily for the food ....the food is good don't get me's all about the atmosphere. Where else can you insult your server and get insulted back and pay for it!? If you read online reviews, people love the crab legs, nachos and beer selection. Definitley one of those unique places that you get instant access to when you visit the MOA. They're located at 402 S. Ave. inside the mall. Their number is 612-276-6995.